Quality Manager

Egea - 2021, 2nd edition

Internal communication and process

Franco Angeli - 2020

Enterprise & Jazz

Group work in swing time

Guerini NEXT - 2018

Writing to be understanded

Egea - 2018

Word of mouth for a successful dental team

Edra - 2018

Beyond the customer: the interested parties

From listening to word of mouth

Assolombarda,Milan 2019

ISO 9001: 2015, responsibility and opportunity of choice

Assolombarda, Milan 2016

Quality manager

Egea, Milan 2015

Drawing processes

The ZoomUp method. The person and the group. Internal communication

Franco Angeli Editore - 2012

Service management

IlSole24Ore - 2008

Masters of your own time


Company in jazz

IlSole24Ore 2008, 2nd edition

Understanding Quality

IlSole24Ore 2007, 2nd edition

Rebuilding and living the quality process in the company

Sperling & Kupfer 2005

Serving success

Erika Leonardi e Giuseppe Negro

Foreword by Parasuraman IlSole24Ore, 2003

Quality services

Erika Leonardi e Filippo Barbarino

Quality services

A world of Quality

IlSole24Ore, 1995