Is internal communication a problem?

The answer lies in the process: it creates team spirit and a sense of individual responsibility

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Documents fail to communicate?

To make ourselves understood we must be simple and concise: it pays off!

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Do people find it difficult to work in a team?

If there is no sharing, the value of diversity is lost, which is a wealth of the group

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Is quality certification useful?

The ISO 9000 model guides people to tidy up and work towards goals

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How to keep the service under control?

The interaction between people is the main feature: the principles of service management lead to success

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Rethinking the Role of Customers
in Successful Service Delivery

(Article published by the newsletter of the International Academy for Quality)

What sets apart product manufacturing from service delivery? While many people highlight the significant contribution of staff and service delivery activity, these aspects fail to capture the true differentiating elements.


In a manufacturing process, a company can ensure that requirements are met independent of customer contribution or presence. However, in the realm of services, the situation is different. [...]



Let's consider the process a team game in which, thanks to synergies, everyone can express their skills to the fullest...

Written Communication

When there is no clarity, confusion reigns supreme. We can't claim to have communicated just because we said or wrote something...

Team Working

The Jazz metaphor helps focus on some aspects of working in a group that are very useful in promoting a good working climate...

Quality ISO 9000

The standard takes on the role of an organizational model, it can be considered a sort of check list of what must be done...

Service Management

In service management planning is still lacking today. Most of the time it governs improvisation ...



All training proposals are highly interactive, so that people can adapt the suggested strategies to their own business reality.


The consulting projects are carried out on a double track: in addition to the managerial theme, lived with the business areas involved, coaching activities are carried out to the referent of the project.


A meeting that becomes a show: a formula that brings people closer to the themes proposed by the company, with the aim of making them think with a smile on their faces.


Erika is the author of books dedicated to different aspects of business management, of interest to all business functions and students, with a methodological cut and a concrete approach.