An important personal achievement to share: I have joined IAQ - International Academy for Quality. It is a privilege and an honor. As of 2022, I am also an Academician alongside the leading experts in the world of quality. Just to name a few: Tito Conti, Giovanni Mattana, James Harrington, Parsu Parasuraman, Noriaki Kano, Janak Mehta, ... All quality gurus from whom I have learned so much and to whom I am grateful and indebted.

Entry into IAQ is not by application. The Academy identifies and invites both thought leaders and exceptional professionals. Today IAQ represents over 45 nations with a presence in the Americas, Europe-Middle East, Asia and Africa. Each Academic is expected to make a significant personal contribution to the advancement of quality and to collaborate on projects through participation in Think Tanks that operate within the Academy. These are working groups active in research, created to analyze issues focused on specific areas of quality. They are also dedicated to exploring and promoting alternative approaches to the future development of their areas of interest.

I received the invitation from Hesameddin Aref Kashfi Founder and President of the Iranian Society of Quality Managers (ISQM). I had been a speaker and chairman at his First Annual Quality Congress in Tehran, November 2002. Then, I was invited to present a paper at the Quality and Excellence Week - September 2021, organized by Lars Sorqvist of Sandholm for the 50th Anniversary, currently IAQ President Elect. I presented a paper that attracted great interest on the topic of services, "Service management as a success factor". After this report, I received the Welcomed Letter in February from President Shinichi Sasaki Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Corporation. The next step will be my official presentation at the IAQ Annual Convention on May 18-19, 2022, Anaheim (CA). I will talk about my experience with quality and explore the service theme "Why communication is crucial for the success of a service".

I am very flattered: living this new experience in this prestigious international community and being able to compare myself with world-class personalities will be a great commitment and an enriching experience.

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