Passion and method
to aim for excellence and happiness

It is important to have a passion. By itself it is not enough: it must be associated with a method. These two ingredients reinforce each other and lead to results:

  • the first projects towards a better imaginary and gives the charge in the dark moments;
  • the second helps to put things in line to reach the goal, making the best use of resources.

I have a degree in Biology, specializing in Ethology.

About 30 years ago I started dealing with business organization. The turning point came from a fortuitous encounter with quality. In the 1980s it was proposed in a mechanistic key. I gave it a personal reading, exhuming the ethological approach. This is my path:

  • if the quality concerns the organization and
  • the organization is mainly made up of people,
  • for transitive property‚Ķ quality takes care of people!

I am a consultant and trainer. I have also written many books and articles. In my projects I guide people to find "their" formula for solving problems and improving their way of working.

I follow companies from many sectors and sizes, private and public. My contribution is to provide managerial solutions: the contents of the sector to which they belong are put by the people of the company. Therefore, both training and consultancy become a multi-handed job: customized solutions are born from collaboration.

They say about me that I can convey even complex managerial issues in a simple and original way! And this gratifies me. Aware of the fact that my projects are harbingers of change, I associate the themes of "contaminations" that aim to remove the reluctance to change. Over time I have created several formulas:

  • comics stories with Bruno Bozzetto: comic stories and cartoons to make managerial themes easier to understand and apply;
  • the metaphor "Company & Jazz": accompanied by a live jazz band, demonstrates how the group is able to enhance the skills and professionalism of each person;
  • the Zoom Up Method: to clarify the internal communication of a process, told with a flow diagram.

I am grateful to all the people who trusted me and took part in my projects and training meetings: I have always learned a lot from them!