My projects are always customized to the needs of the company: the same theme takes on different connotations not only in relation to the business sector, but also to the management style and values.
In the design phase, the foundations are laid for a multi-handed work: Erika Leonardi's contribution is to propose managerial tools that must integrate with the procedures in place in the company, in the light of past experiences. In this way it is possible to create “together” those solutions that meet current and future needs. The purpose of the consultancy project is therefore to lay the foundations for the company to become autonomous.
Erika Leonardi in consulenza

The projects are carried out on a double track: in addition to consulting on the managerial theme addressed to the company areas involved, Erika Leonardi carries out coaching activities for the Project Coordinator, so that he becomes master of the subject and can become autonomous.
Training is often associated with consultancy projects, in order to make people master of new tools and methods. Therefore, the consultancy/training border becomes blurred: consultancy interventions are enriched by training moments so that people can become architects of change.

The training has a highly interactive slant to ensure that people can adapt the themes proposed to their own company reality.
The meetings can be conducted face to face and also with an online platform.
Consulting projects underpin the books and articles.