Event design starts with a theme proposed by the customer on which a lineup is developed: it will become the backbone of the event. Then the "digressions" are born, that is insights that draw on different languages: literature, poetry, music, visual arts, theater, cinema.
This creates a fast-paced rhythm of live elements projected onto a screen. In relation to the context and the theme, one can draw on: literary passages and aphorisms, read by actors; musical cuts, performed live by a musician; cinematographic citations, with videos; theatrical pieces, live or with video; dynamic or static images.
Erika Leonardi e Franco Cerri

Participants are thus immersed in an original and engaging path, with a conductor who has the role of "puppeteer": she holds the threads of a very rhythmic path, creating a pyrotechnic atmosphere.
With this formula, the basic theme is made more lively thanks also to the fantastic transfiguration: with a captivating formula, the metaphorical language manages to highlight aspects that are often overlooked. The goal is to create managerial suggestions. The meeting becomes a kind of show.

In relation to the context, the meeting also becomes a debate in which the presenter initiates a dialogue with the public.
A well-established formula is "Company & Jazz": a meeting, accompanied by the "live" music of a jazz band, conducted by Erika Leonardi, who introduces management concepts by commenting on them with the words of famous jazz musicians