Training is always interactive, in order to guide people to personalize the themes to their own reality and their own experience. The themes are proposed in a simple and practical way. In addition, Laboratories allow to apply concretely what has been explained in a methodological key. The in-depth study of the issues aims to enhance the experiences acquired by people in the company. Courses can be designed for people belonging to the same company or from different companies.
Erika Leonardi in formazione

For some issues, I propose the formula 1 + 1, i.e. two meetings:

  • the first dedicated to deepening the topic, with a theoretical part and exercises;
  • the second, held at a distance of about ten days, has a particular cut: the documents prepared by the participants are examined and re-examined, testifying to the application of what was proposed in the first meeting. In this way people are "forced" to put into practice what they have learned!
The meetings can be caried out both face to face and with an online platform.
The training courses are the basis of the books and are used in the courses.
Managerial themes are also proposed to students. In this case, the cutting and deepening is modulated to the students' training path.

Main Topics

  • Zoom Fatigue - How to safeguard against fatigue in online relationships
  • CallToCall - How To Live Long-Distance Relationships
  • Change Management
  • Company & Jazz
  • Company Management
  • Experience Smart Working
  • For The Pleasure Of Teaming Up: Interaction And Exchange
  • From Process To Procedure: Tracing The Flow Of Information
  • Making The Claim Pay Off
  • Managerial Approaches For Quality Manager
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction
  • People: Soul And Engine Of The Organization
  • Service Management
  • Team Work
  • The Foundations Of Quality: ISO 9000
  • Write To Be Understood. How To Invest In University Relations