Una jazz band suona in strada

The Jazz metaphor helps to focus on some aspects of teamwork that are very useful for promoting a good working climate...

How a group is born

The group is born when a multidisciplinary approach to a theme is needed to create something, solve a problem... The strength of the group originates from the diversity of people. The heterogeneity of skills, if not governed, can however become an obstacle and therefore compromise the success of the group or crack relationships between people.
Let us ask ourselves a question: is it legitimate to take for granted that people who differ in knowledge, methods, languages, objectives... are automatically capable of becoming one? Thinking about it is an excessive claim. However, it is possible to intervene in such a way as to optimize diversity: resort to a method that enhances the complementarities within the group, while at the same time emphasizing the individuality of the individual.

Types of groups

There may be occasional group interactions: for example, a work group that, once the task is done, melts away. The case of processes is different: they are constant team games in the functioning of an organization. Apart from this diversity of time spans, the same guidelines and methodologies apply to the raison d'ĂȘtre of working together and the methods of interaction. When a group "works" properly, people involved feel the pleasure of reaching a goal "together" and understands that it is also an opportunity for growth.

The dynamics among jazz musicians focuses on how belonging to a group represents an opportunity to enhance one's personal skills. Let's observe what happens in a jazz band: the musicians play the shared score together and, in turn, have a personal space that allows them to express their emotions, namely improvisation. And this vision is applicable to the world of work and to the personal one. In Impresa & Jazz I tell how this metaphor allows people to experience teamwork with enthusiasm. Not only books, but also events with live jazz bands to fully grasp the points of contact.