graphic representation internal communication matrix

Let’s consider the process a “team game”, thanks to the synergies, everyone can best express their skills.
Process approach is born from the system perspective. Considering an organization as a system has several implications. The strength lies in the variety of elements that make up the company: thanks to their interactions, the system generates a result. But there is also the other side of the coin: mutual conditioning. It is like saying: if only one element is not up to par, or if only a relationship is not well activated, the system can collapse. Therefore, the delicate aspect of considering the organization as a system lies in the ability to manage relationships.
Here the process comes into play: it is that management tool that relates the different internal and external elements that interact to achieve a result.

Revision of the definition

Traditional definition highlights the activities that transform an input into an output. This view is correct but incomplete: there is no mention of the creator of the activities: people. And the recipient of the output is also missing! That is, it ignores the contribution of people. So, the new definition becomes: the process is how a group of people carries out related activities, to generate a transformation, that is useful to the customer of the process.

Relapse in the company

The process is the engine of all organizations: it allows to achieve the expected results. Its success is entrusted to the people. Therefore, the proposed definition and the method of description become decisive.
Let's consider it a team game: each person must play their role competently, but they must also know how to take care of relationships with others. In this interpretation, the process is a form of internal communication: people pass information to each other to produce something useful to the customer of the process.

In practice

The most functional presentation is the matrix flow chart: it explains the teamwork, the tasks of each one and the relationships through which the passing of the baton takes place.
To draw the flow, I created the ZoomUp method: it is used to focus and enlarge the salient parts of the process, in shared form.
With this approach, people become aware of their contribution to the success of the business: motivation and empowerment become the keywords of this way of experiencing the process.